Royal Court


Kenneth Flores

Royal Consort
Donna Flores

Prime Minister
Javier Rocha

Executive Minister
Adrian Lozano

Education Minister
Chris Carmona

Military Minister
Dr. John Feldmeier

Day Minister
Fabian Castillo, Sr.

Night Minister
Joseph Rodriguez

Advance Minister
Edward Tijerina

Transportation Minister
Raul Delgado

Finance Minister
Irma Flores

Historian Minister
Karrie Fristoe

Special Events Minister
Kyle Ferari-Munoz

Media Minister
Renee Crittenden-Garcia

Wellness Minister
Dr. Sal Barbaro

We'€™re excited to announce the reign of El Rey Feo LXX Ken Flores during Fiesta 2018 -€“ San Antonio'€™s Tricentennial anniversary. The Legend of Rey Feo dates to medieval times and the Spanish Kings who distanced themselves from ordinary citizens. The people rebeled against the king and proclaimed one of their own as "The Ugly King"€ or "€œThe People'€™s King."€ This tradition travelled to the New World, and was adopted by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council #2 in 1947 as a way to provide scholarships for underprivileged and deserving San Antonio youth.

Today, El Rey Feo and other Fiesta Royalty, including the LULAC 2018 Feria de las Flores Queen Ariana Flores -€“ Ken's€™ daughter, ride in all four of the major Fiesta parades as part of the spectacular annual, 10-day Fiesta celebration held in honor of the memory of the heroes of the Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto.

Rey Feo LXX Ken Flores is on a mission to serve his community, advance education, wellness and economic development through the promotion of the Rey Feo Scholarship Program and preservation of the Foundation'€™s financial support to hundreds of students pursuing a college degree each year. 

This year, Rey Feo LXX Ken Flores and his Royal Court will serve as goodwill ambassadors - visiting nursing homes, hospitals and more than 50 elementary schools to encourage thousands of young people to stay in school, pursue higher education, respect their teachers and parents, and practice good citizenship and wellness.

We know you value education, and respectfully request your support in this endeavor. Please join us in advancing higher education with your support of the Rey Feo Scholarship Inc. program and the reign of El Rey Feo LXX Ken Flores.